Braun KH500 by Dieter Rams

Some months ago, I came accross these vintage Braun KH500 studio headphones by Dieter Rams; while he was at the head of Braun's design department, 3 differents models of headphones were produced, the KH100, KH1000 & the KH 500. The KH500 is the latest and was produced in 1975. Unfortunately, within the years the plastic has lost its flexibility and the headband has broken into several parts. Unfortunately? Not sure: this may be a perfet occasion to think about a tribute to Dieter Rams' work.

Expect some kind of "re-braun" work on these soon. To be continued....

D.Rams' work has recently got a lot of coverage, as it becomes evident, how deeply the visual design language he has defined back then still influences today's design landscape. Dont' miss the 'Less and More' retrospective exhibition at the London Design Museum that celebrates the Design Ethos of the one who is considered among the most influential designers of the late 20th century. There will be Archive Film Footage, models (mock-ups), sketches and prototypes, alongside specially commissioned interviews with Dieter Rams' contemporary designers, including Jonathan Ive, Jasper Morrision, Sam Hecht and Naoto Fukasawa.